For Bernie

I would like to dedicate this page to my beautiful sister Bernie. In 2014 my sister passed away, taken from us way to soon, she was only 42 years old. This was a very tragic time for me and my family. It will take a lifetime to grasp the enormity of her absence. Some of the many things I remember and miss so much about Bernie, was her beautiful smile and her big hugs. Her smile would light up the darkest room and was so infectious, and her hugs would make you not to want to let go. When anyone would meet her for the first time they would feel as though they have known her for years. That was just how Bernie was, very warm, and welcoming with a touch of spaz (Something she would say LOL). When her and I would be out somewhere, whether a store or function, people were drawn to us and would just start sharing things about their lives. Bernie always had a way of making people laugh, telling jokes, doing silly and crazy things, it was her way of bringing some joy to someone that may have had a bad day or just having a not so good life. It was her way of showing them that she understood, she had her own struggles, but she always found a way to smile her beautiful smile and make you feel everything was going to be okay. My most cherished times with my sister were our beach vacations. Our favorite place was Ocean City, Md. I saw such a peace come over her while we were there. It was a place we bonded the most, where we shared our thoughts and our hearts. I miss having these moments and all of the fun times we had. Even though Bernie's life wasn't perfect, but really, whose life is perfect, she lived a simple life. A life that involved hanging out with our nieces, and grand nieces, and nephew, and her girlfriend. She was such a big kid at heart and we all miss that about her. Her life and legacy will never be forgotten and will forever live in our hearts! I could go on and on about my sister, but it would take many, many, pages to even begin to share the full story of the life I had with my sister. She was my touchstone, my kindred spirit, and my best friend. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her or speak her name. My heart will forever ache for her and my soul will miss her even more! So I dedicate this page to you Sissy Sis, thank you for always being there when I needed you and for always supporting and inspiring me to be the best I could be in both life and photography! I love you Sissy Sis, to the moon and back forever!

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